Engage your passion to make a difference...


while gaining solid, real-world experience interning for a cutting-edge global organization committed to ending sexual violence.


Our interns don't organize paper clips...


MapYourVoice is an ambitious project with tons of untapped opportunities for interns to make a real difference in world. If you are a serious, self-motivated person who wants to invest your internship efforts on the ground floor of a global organization poised to make a big impact, we invite you to apply.

Current internship opportunities:


Grant Writing Intern

Research good-fit grants, create grant writing schedule, and write grant proposals for MapYourVoice.


Social Media Intern

Develop overall social media strategy and goals, and implement social media plan in conjunction with our volunteer contributors.


Volunteer Coordination Intern

Onboard volunteers for needed rolls, prepare tasks to be implemented, and serve as liaison between staff and volunteers.


Web Design Intern

Refine and build out the MapYourVoice front end web presence through design implementation in coordination with our coding team.


NGO Administration Intern

Help MapYourVoice maintain nonprofit compliance, develop infrastructure, and optimize usage of resources available to nonprofit.


Fundraising Intern

Explore crowdsource, private, and corporate donor opportunities, develop materials, and implement fundraising strategy.


Public Relations Intern

Develop and implement public relations and campaign strategies in collaborate with the MapYourVoice Executive Director.


Drupal Programming Intern

Help to optimize the MapYourVoice Drupal platform through maintenance, troubleshooting, and development of the system.


Graphics Design Intern

Develop and refine the MapYourVoice graphics design presence through production for the web and other forums.


Writing Intern

Research content and write articles, op ed pieces, speeches, content for the web, etc. for MapYourVoice and the Executive Director.


Donor Development Intern

Develop and implement systems and materials to communicate with existing donor and develop new donor opportunities.


Accounting Intern

Research, recommend and establish efficient, user-friendly, and modern nonprofit accounting systems and infrastructure.


Action Network Intern

Develop strategy, infrastructure and materials for engaging the public’s good will and efforts to advance the MapYourVoice mission.


Marketing Intern

Create and implement gorilla marketing and other low-cost marketing opportunities to raise public awareness about MapYourVoice.


Research Intern

Conduct research and prepare reports of findings on various subject matter in support of the MapYourVoice mission and key objectives.


Intern from anywhere on the planet...


With MapYourVoice, you not only gain valuable experience in your field, you also learn to use the latest web-based, team-collaboration solutions that make global team building possible.

Join our energized, hard-working global team dedicated to ending sexual violence worldwide.


Raise your voice to help survivors worldwide reclaim theirs.